What is connected to what in my house and how

Wall switches (push buttons) are connected to the inputs of the machinon (they are switching 12V DC)
My relays are elatko er12-200 uc
My window shutters are connected by z-wave and fibaro modules to the machinon
honeywell t6r thermostat connected to domotocz, dashticz, controlicz and google home.
temp sensors for indoor, outdoor, machinon and fuse box connected to denkovi input
humidity sensor connected to denkovi input
ethernet relay to open my gate, switch my garden lights and switch the light on the driveway,  connected via url to domoticz
zwave plugs to switch the aquariums of my kids
sonoff connected to domoticz via url to switch the balcony lights
4 pir sensors and 5 doorswitches  connected to domoticz for my burglar alarm
2 android tablets on the wall, running dashticz
2 google home mini speakers, connected to domoticz by controlicz  I use voice commands to control the heating, open the gate and control the lights
pilot installed on my phone, so that domoticz know when i am home. Or when I am almost home, and it is dark, pilot turns on the light on the driveway.

this is how I wired the machinon. Link to high res pdf –> machinonwire


this an overview of my complete install.  link to high res pdf –> complete


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