In 2020 heb ik mij een zwembad geplaatst. Een metalen zwembad van 8mx4m en 1.35m diep. Het zwembad materiaal is aangekocht bij aquasilver. Ik had een 135cm diep besteld met grijze liner. hij had er één van 150cm geleverd. Gebeld met leverancier future pool in duitsland. Zij vertelden mij dat aquasilver een fout had gemaakt(verkeerd … Continue reading Zwembad


I have build myself a poolhouse (the actual pool is planned to be installed in 2020) For the automation of the pool and poolhouse I used a rpi (placed in a 3d printed enclosure), a denkovi input module,  a simple 8 port 5 volt relais module, and power relais. On the rpi I installed domoticz, … Continue reading Poolhouse

What is connected to what in my house and how

Wall switches (push buttons) are connected to the inputs of the machinon (they are switching 12V DC) My relays are elatko er12-200 uc My window shutters are connected by z-wave and fibaro modules to the machinon honeywell t6r thermostat connected to domotocz, dashticz, controlicz and google home. temp sensors for indoor, outdoor, machinon and fuse … Continue reading What is connected to what in my house and how


I added some pir detectors in my house and placed an extra tablet at the frontdoor to use the domoticz security panel. I installed the honeywell IS335 pir's, because they have good pet imunnity and overal good reviews. When testing the pir's I noticed that when I moved for 1,5 seconds, then paused, and then … Continue reading Alarm


Ok, so I stopped testing with arduino and bought denkovi in and output modules. input module output module Denkovi states at their website that they are compatible with openhab, domoticz,... So I after some checking i decided to go with domoticz.